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15 years of quality assurance

With our airtight high quality products, we give our customers a 15 year quality guarantee and we are committed to compensate those loss caused by the defects of airtight fittings and pipes.
  Only use the original airtight fittings
  Follow the instructions or installation guidelines for installation
  Never use the fittings which below or beyond the limits
  Properly installing with protect methods, to avoid conflicts, vibrations, or corrosive environments
  Before any maintenance, must make pre-checking of the damaged parts and the site conditions

  The guarantee of Airtight is only to provide the fittings
  According to the standard program, pls the warranty requirements should be submitted to the Airtight customer center or airtight authorized distribution network
  15-year warranty is limited to providing you with new fittings or pipes, and airtight has the right to confirm if the defects are reason of airtight products 
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