What are the rules for the design of compressed air network?

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     In the highly developed industrial society, more and more high to the requirement of high quality compressed air, traditional industrial pipelines have been unable to meet customer demand for compressed gas, pipeline design must be from the aspects of material, design, installation, etc to help customers solve the trouble back at home in the gas transportation process.

     With the improvement of China's industrial development level, the technical and quality requirements more and more high, in our country, promoting the social environment, energy conservation and emissions reduction, knight in a safe, efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection design concept, perfect, excellent overall appearance design, high quality of the selection of materials to ensure that the product is durable and beautiful.

The development of the aluminum alloy super pipeline system.

At any time, high quality compressed air will be sent from the gas production terminal to the use end, ensuring the safety of downstream equipment and the continuity and stability of the production process.

Characteristics of Airtight piping design rules:

1. Design the most perfect network system for you according to the requirements of customers

2. The main pipeline must have a loop, with a valve installed

3. The main road is large enough to reduce the pressure reduction and to meet the demand for subsequent pipeline expansion

4. The main pipeline system is designed with a slope of 3% and a drain pipe at the low point to discharge the condensate in the tube

5. Design enough scaffolds to fix the pipe to ensure that the pipe stays the same when it scales

6. The main piping system is designed and equipped with a telescopic pipe to ensure that the pipe stays the same when it is cooled and telescopic

7. Install the independent valve in the secondary pipe network system to facilitate system expansion and change

8. Air output pipeline of air compressor is connected to the total pipe and should be connected from the top of the total pipe, so as to avoid the cold water pouring into the air compressor main engine

9. The post-cleaning system of the air compressor station should be installed with the bypass system and the independent valve will be switched to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment

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     Airtight Full-performance Piping from research and development, raw materials to design and installation services, comprehensively helps the customers to solve the process of fluid delivery with trouble free. Airtight Full-performance Piping System with advantages of fast installation, corrosion resistance, energy saving, 100% recyclable and reusable, beautiful appearance, compatible etc. It’s popularly applied for compressed air, vacuum, inert gas, water and other fluid delivering. It will transfer the fluid from start point to the end users with “0” consumption, ensure the safety of downstream equipment, and the continuity and stability of production process..


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