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Aluminum pipe series

Applicable fluid: compressed air, vacuum, inert gas , etc., the material can be recycled 100%, can be used for...

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Fittings series

Safer, faster, more durable, energy saving and environmental friendly...

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Auxiliary material series

Pipe clamp, pneumatic fittings, gaskets, L shape connector, adapter, clamp teeth, press plate

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Tools series

Torque spanner,Hole opener, Hole, File,deburring tools, Shank for hole opener...

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[Company News] Information - see eye of mind, Airtight Shanghai international compressor and equipment exhibition

October 31 - November 4, Airtight exhibition Shanghai international compressor and equipment exhibition. Airtight all-round technical support once again use the best cost-effective products, the optimal solution, the most stringent market protection measures, won the domestic and international

[Industry News] Advantages of aluminum alloy fast loading pipeline (2)

Energy saving analysisThe cost calculation of compressed air leakge:In the working pressure of 7 bar, 1 kwh power can generate approx. 8 m³ compressed air, the economic cost is about the 0.125RMB/ m³, if the pipeline has a leaking hole with dia. 1mm, it will cause a annual cost losses of about 2,610

[Company News] Airtight Fluid Transfer Tech Co., Ltd. Has been awarded the title of "jiangsu private science and technology enterprise"

Airtight Fluid Transfer Tech Co., Ltd., through the certification of various qualifications, with good development environment, with the technology independent innovation as the driving force, constantly improving the operation mechanism. Through the strict review and confirmation of jiangsu prov


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