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   October 31 - November 4, Airtight exhibition Shanghai international compressor and equipment exhibition.

   Airtight all-round technical support once again use the best cost-effective products, the optimal solution, the most stringent market protection measures, won the domestic and international user's attention.

Airtight exhibition

   The first day, the chairman was invited to CCTV news documentary program's interview, around the "originality" share enterprise founded compressed air piping process present personnel to pick up the phone, take the historic moment.

Airtight exhibition

   Several customers from Brazil stopped in front of our booth for a long visit, and inquired about the main advantages of the aluminium alloy piping of Airtight main products, and urged to keep in touch before leaving.

Airtight exhibition

In the process of solving fluid transportation, the design concept of self-development, safety, speed, durability, energy saving and environmental protection is very popular in the exhibition.

Korean customers are very satisfied with the simple and continuous praise of our pipeline installation.

Airtight exhibition

  This exhibition company to broaden the vision, open mentality, learning advanced, exchanges and cooperation, make full use of the participation opportunity, and to visit customers and dealers to communicate, communicate, negotiate, further enhance the company's brand visibility and influence.

Airtight exhibition

  Two Indian clients came to inspect the exhibition the next day.

  Hope that more and more pipe users at home and abroad, can understand Airtight business through the exhibition, Airtight team is willing to cooperate with customers, improve your fluid conveying system, make it more safe, efficient, durable, energy-saving, environmental protection, provide enterprises with a full range of fluid pipeline solutions, improve the efficiency of your production.

Airtight exhibition

With the support of everyone, I believe Airtight will get better and better!


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