Advantages of aluminum alloy fast loading pipeline (2)

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Energy saving analysis

The cost calculation of compressed air leakge:

In the working pressure of 7 bar, 1 kwh power can generate approx. 8 m³ compressed air, the economic cost is about the 0.125RMB/ m³, if the pipeline has a leaking hole with dia. 1mm, it will cause a annual cost losses of about 2,610 RMB/year, calculating as following: 3.48m³/h*6,000h/year*0.125RMB/m³=2,610RMB/year

Data Analysis 1:

60% of the cases, the pressure drop and flow rate reduction is not caused by air compressor, pipe leakage, the installation and using are the main reasons

92% of companies have leakage problems in using compressed air system

42% of companies have to increase the compressor pressure to overcome the problems caused by leakage of the piping system


Data Analysis 2:

Only 60% of the energy generated by compressed air is really used

25% of energy loss is leakage

10% is due to air pressure drop

5% is due to improper using

 Traditional steel pipe line    

 Easy to corrosion, the tube inner surface become rough by reason of corrosion, pipe diameter reducing, it causes more pressure drop

Rust or even perforation of the steel pipes, only causing leakage, and big safety risks

By reason of bad air quality, polluting the downstream equipment and products

 Airtight aluminum alloy fast-install pipe

Aluminum body with a special internal and external surface treatment process, excellent anti-corrosion performance

Full diameter special structural design without pressure drop

Active surface seal, no leakage

Optimization design of full pipe diameter

Applying the active surface sealing, without leakage problem




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