Airtight Fluid Transfer Tech Co., Ltd. Has been awarded the title of "jiangsu private science and technology enterprise"

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Airtight Fluid Transfer Tech Co., Ltd., through the certification of various qualifications, with good development environment, with the technology independent innovation as the driving force, constantly improving the operation mechanism.

Through the strict review and confirmation of jiangsu province private science and technology association, it was classified as "private technology enterprise of jiangsu province" and awarded the certificate of recognition.

The demand for high quality compressed air is getting higher and higher in a rapidly developed society, and traditional industrial pipelines are unable to meet customers' demand for compressed gas. Airtight Full-performance Piping from research and development, raw materials to system design, installation services, help customers to solve the problems in the process of fluid delivery. Airtight since its inception always adhere to the science and technology research and development, independent innovation spirit, in the research and development conducted fruitful development work, constantly develop and launch of new technologies, new products, to meet the needs of domestic and international market.

Airtight Full-performance Piping can improve your fluid delivery system, making it safer, faster, more durable, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

We will wholeheartedly provide you with solutions and quality products to improve your productivity .Strong technical force, quality and safe products, first-class marketing after-sales service, is your best choice!

The successful declaration of the certification of the private technology enterprises in jiangsu province is the proof of the continuous progress of Airtight on the road of scientific and technological innovation, and also the belief of our independent innovation. Airtight will continue to adhere to its own innovation, focus on the technological content of products, continue to maintain a good development trend, and take the road of science and technology.



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