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    August 3, 2017 - August 6, Airtight exhibition in Vietnam international technology and equipment exhibition. In the process of solving the flow of fluid, we have a lot of experience in the exhibition of Airtight, with independent research and development, safety, fast, durable, energy saving, environmental protection design philosophy is very popular in the exhibition.

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       Vietnam is a socialist country in Asia and will become one of the fastest developing countries in Asia. But because Vietnam industrial foundation is weak, backward production technology, new product research and development ability is insufficient, price competitiveness is weak, so far most Vietnamese compressed air pipeline industry market need to rely on imports.

        Airtight Full-performance Piping from research and development, raw materials to design and installation services, comprehensively helps the customers to solve the process of fluid delivery with trouble free. At the end of the exhibition, Airtight confirmed its office address in Vietnam, and the Airtight branch was formally established, which was also a positive response to the national One Belt And One Road initiative.

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      The Airtight Vietnam exhibition is as good as American military equipment, like a foot of elephant footstep, like the fruits of papaya!

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